Tuesday, May 12, 2009

So, it's been a month.............

since I've blogged. Time is flying by theses days..........

We have all been very busy lately. Troy had a field trip to The Barnyard last Monday. We had a blast. He loved the animals. Especially the babies he got to pick up an hold. I'll try to post some pics.

Troy is still playing basball. His team has managed to squeak out 6 wins.........very surprising. But Troy's doing good. We are proud of him.

Troy lost his first teeth a few weeks ago. The 2 on the bottom front. He was so excited. Seems likes he's been waiting forever.

Zachary had his 5th grade cookout and 5th grade dance last Friday. He had a "date" to the dance. Her name is Alyssa and she might be the sweetest girl on the planet!! And very pretty! He bought her a corsage and actually put it on her wrist for her. What a gentleman. He wasn't too keen on asking her to dance a slow song but after he got up the courage to ask her the 1st time they danced the night away!! Every song after that!! It was a side of Zach I've never really seen before.....maybe he's starting to come out of his shell..........

Zach also had a field trip to The American Village in Montevallo yesterday. It was really very interesting. We had a great time.

Ronnie's doing good. Got a cortisone shot in his elbow a couple weeks ago - hasn't hurt since. Yeah! He is going to have blood work once a month now instead of twice a month, for his blood thinner. He will go back to have another PET scan doing on June 19th.

I am doing great as well. Kind of ready for baseball to be over with because i am pooped all the time. But still love to watch my boy play.

I am having outpatient surgery on my wrist Friday morning at 7:00 to remove a cyst. Hopefully all that will go well.

As the school year is coming to and end the boys still have lots to look forward to. Troy has field day this Friday the 15th. Then next Friday the 22ns he is havnig a Luau end of the year party. Then the last day of school is Wednesday May 27th..........Zach is having the 5th grade softball game vs the teachers on Friday May 22nd. Then he will have 5th graduation on Tuesday May 26th and then his last day of school will be the 27th as well. This year has gone by sooo fast! Where does the time go? Can't believe Zachary is going to middle school next year ad Troy will be in 1st grade! I feel sooo OLD!!

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cewmont said...

Yah! good update! and yes--post some pics! (can you tell I like pictures?)