Tuesday, May 12, 2009

So, it's been a month.............

since I've blogged. Time is flying by theses days..........

We have all been very busy lately. Troy had a field trip to The Barnyard last Monday. We had a blast. He loved the animals. Especially the babies he got to pick up an hold. I'll try to post some pics.

Troy is still playing basball. His team has managed to squeak out 6 wins.........very surprising. But Troy's doing good. We are proud of him.

Troy lost his first teeth a few weeks ago. The 2 on the bottom front. He was so excited. Seems likes he's been waiting forever.

Zachary had his 5th grade cookout and 5th grade dance last Friday. He had a "date" to the dance. Her name is Alyssa and she might be the sweetest girl on the planet!! And very pretty! He bought her a corsage and actually put it on her wrist for her. What a gentleman. He wasn't too keen on asking her to dance a slow song but after he got up the courage to ask her the 1st time they danced the night away!! Every song after that!! It was a side of Zach I've never really seen before.....maybe he's starting to come out of his shell..........

Zach also had a field trip to The American Village in Montevallo yesterday. It was really very interesting. We had a great time.

Ronnie's doing good. Got a cortisone shot in his elbow a couple weeks ago - hasn't hurt since. Yeah! He is going to have blood work once a month now instead of twice a month, for his blood thinner. He will go back to have another PET scan doing on June 19th.

I am doing great as well. Kind of ready for baseball to be over with because i am pooped all the time. But still love to watch my boy play.

I am having outpatient surgery on my wrist Friday morning at 7:00 to remove a cyst. Hopefully all that will go well.

As the school year is coming to and end the boys still have lots to look forward to. Troy has field day this Friday the 15th. Then next Friday the 22ns he is havnig a Luau end of the year party. Then the last day of school is Wednesday May 27th..........Zach is having the 5th grade softball game vs the teachers on Friday May 22nd. Then he will have 5th graduation on Tuesday May 26th and then his last day of school will be the 27th as well. This year has gone by sooo fast! Where does the time go? Can't believe Zachary is going to middle school next year ad Troy will be in 1st grade! I feel sooo OLD!!

Friday, April 10, 2009


Good morning all!! Happy early Easter!!

I hope everyone is having a great week!!

Ronnie got his results back from his 2nd PET Scan. Great news. Still no active Lymphoma!! God is good!! He is still on the blood thinners for 3 more months but hopefully after 3 months he will be done with those too!

Troy's still playing baseball. Doing well I think. Although he is having a little trouble with his hitting but we are working on that!! Doing great on defense at 3rd base!! Looks like the rain is going to pass us by this weekend so we'll be at the ballpark at 6:30 tonight and 5pm tomorrow. Go Rockies!!

Zachary just finished a week of testing!! I know he is glad!! I went today and signed his speech therapy release, so no more fun for him in Mrs. Liles speech class!! But I'm sure he will be glad to not have to take it in middle school next year!!

A little prayer please for Ronnie's parents..........Joy has been retired for years and today is Kendall's last day of work before retiring..............so they will be home ALL DAY LONG with each other!!!!! I hope they survive!!! HA HA!! LOL!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Monday to All!! LOL!

Well, another Monday has snuck up on us again. I hope everyone had a great weekend!!

Troy had his 1st baseball games Saturday. He played well. He got 2 hits, and threw a batter out at 1st. He's playing 3rd base. Not bad for the 1st game. His next game is Friday night at 7:30. Go Rockies!!

Zachary got all A's on his report card! Yeah. He earned himself a new cell phone. He was very excited. But he deserved it. He worked very hard!! Troy also had a good report card. He got a new ball, sunglasses, and a little car. It doesn't take much to make them happy!!

Ronnie went Friday for his 2nd pet scan since he quit his chemo treatments. He will find out the results from that on Thursday of this week. Please keep praying that we have good news with this one as well!!

I had a garage sale Saturday with my mom. It went great. Made some good money. Didn't really realize that some people were crazy garage salers.........bringing their own flashlights to look in the dark! Weird!! LOL!

Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful wek that goes by quick!! Me included.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Slacking again...........

Hello everyone!! Long time no blog!! I sure didn't realize it had been over a month. I tell ya! Time is flying by so fast these days. And I don't like it one little bit!!!

So, they boys are both done with basketball. And now baseball season is beginning. Zachary has decided not to play :(. However, he sayd he might play in the fall. We'll see! Troy is playing. He had his 1st practice Tuesday night. He did very good. He has practice tonight. He has a practice game against Lamar's team tomorrow night and he has batting practice Saturday afternoon. Way to jump right in there the 1st week. Too bad they can't practice on Wednesday's and Sundays or I'm sure we'd be out there on those days too. I wonder if the coach realizes that they are only 6 yrs old? Hmmmmm? Anywho.....

Zachary is in the 5th grade this year so they get to do a lot of cool things. On May 8th they are having a cook/out fun day all day at school. Then that night they will have a 5th grade dance. Another day that month the have a 5th grade softball game. 5th graders vs. teachers. Then at the end of school the have a 5th grade graduation with reception to follow. It all sounds like so much fun. I have volunteered to help with the cookout and dance. :) I can't believe my little boy will be in middle school next year! I don't even want to think about it!!

Also, at Zachary's school they have something called Outstanding 5th grader. They do it with their Adopt-A-School partner Pritchett-Moore. The faculty at school votes for 3 girls and 3 boys to be finalist. They look at grades, conduct, and citizenship. Anyway, Zachary was picked out of about 150 students as one of the boys finalist!! I'm so proud!! They then had to write an essay about what their adopt a aschool partner does for their school, community, etc. Then today they got to miss 1/2 a day of school to go to Pritchett Moore and job shadow and they were also interviewed. So after today, they will take their essays and the interview and then Pritchett Moore will pick 1 boy and 1 girl and the winners!! Good luck Zachary!! I don't know when we will find out.

Troy is doing great in school. He is now up to 1.0 books (1st grade level). He loves reading. I can't belive he only has 2 more months of kindergarten!! I'm so sad. My babies aren't babies anymore.

Troy and Zach both have been taking allergy shots. They go once a week. Troy is doing so well tht he is going to be able to cut back to once every 2 weeks. He is very excited. I do think I need to make him an appointment with the Ear, Nose & Throat doctor. He has had strep throat 3times since school began in August. He may need to have his tonsils out. So, we'll see.

Ronnie is doing great! He started working out again about 3 weeks ago. His feet don't hurt near as bad as when he 1st went back to work. He is still taking the blood thinner everyday and going to have bloodwork done every 2 wewks. Hopefull he won't have to take them much longer. I know he will be happy about that. On March 13th he will be going on his very 1st field trip with Troy. They are going to the fire department, police department, Tumbling Tides, and to the park. I hope they have a great time!! Also, he will be going to have his 2nd PET scan done since he quit his treatments!! PLease pray that this one will bring good news as well!!!

Well, gotta run. Hope to get back on here soon.Love you all!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Where has January gone.........

Goodness, this month had flown by. Next thing you know Christmas will be right around the corner!!
I hope everyone has had a great 2009 so far. We certainly have!!
The boys are currently in the middle of their basketball season. Both are doing well. Troy has gotten a lot more aggressive than last year(he was actually growling at the other team last game - weird, I know). He did make his 1st basket a few games ago. Zachary is still the same 'ol Zachary. Mellow and laid back......he has gotten some shots off but hasn't made any baskets as of yet. Although he did draw a foul last game. Watch out for him, he's a beast :) You know they say it's always the quiet one's........
The boys just had their 100th day of school. They are both doing well. Zachary got 5 A's and 1 B on his report card. Much better than the 5 B's and 1 A he got the last time. Troy did well on his report card also. Zachary will be going on a field trip to the Desoto Caverns next month - sounds like it should be fun. Who wouldn't think riding on a bus for 2 hours with a bunch of 5th graders fun......I can't wait :)
Well, since Zachary is in the 5th grade this year they have a lot of special activities. This year they are having a 5th grade dance. All year long Zachary and his friends have been making plans on who they were going to ask to the dance. Zachary told us Sunday that he was going to ask Brianna. I know most all of his friends but not her. She just moved here this year from Mobile. Anyway, he came home last night and he said he did ask her...........to be his girlfriend!!and she said yes...... I thought he was just going to ask her to the dance. Guess he had other plans!! Anyway, I guess I'll meet her on the field trip, if they're still "dating" then. You know how those 5th grade romances are.
Baseball registration starts this weekend.......think I'll wait until the very last minute. It's not like I just have $235 laying around........the boys better be working hard for the money this year!! I expect to see some home runs!! HA HA!!
I hope everyone has a blessed week!!
I'll post again soon.........I hope.......

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gosh, It's been almost a month since I've posted anything!! I have been so busy. Glad the holiday's are over so everything can get back to normal!!

Well, we all had agreat Christmas. I hope you enjoyed your's as well. The Sunday before Christmas Ronnie's brother, sister-in-law and niece and nephew came down and we had Christmas with them. We did Christmas at our house Christmas morning or course then it was off to my mom's for Christmas with the family. The morning after Christmas we went to Tallahassee to have Christmas with my dad, stepmom and sister and came back that Sunday. Just in time to go back to work!! Yuck!! I was off yesterday as well but had to work today.........thik it would have killed the to let us close today too? I don't think so!!

Last time I blogged I told you that Ronnie has his last chemo treatment. On Christmas Eve he got the results from his Pet Scan!! Wonderful news.........he has NO active lymphoma!! Yeah!! He will go back in 6 weeks for a check up and at that time they will schedule another Pet Scan. We could not have asked for a more wonderful Christmas present!! I thank God that he has come thru this all so well. And he has been in such a good mood since then. Glad to have the old Ronnie back. I love him so much!!

The kids go back to school on Wednesday - I'm sure they are looking forward to that!! :) Zachary wants a new cell phone so I made a deal with him that if he made all A's on his next report card that I would buy him a new one. His last progress report he had 1 B and the rest A's so I know he can do it.
The boys are in full basketball swing now. Troy's team is 2-0 and Zach's team is 1-1. They were off last week and were supossed to start back this Saturday but with so many people being out of town for the holidays and the Sugar Bowl they have cancelled this weekend's game and rescheduled them for next week. Troy's make up game will be Tuesday night at 6:30 and Zach's make up game will be Friday night at 7:30. Good luck boys!!

Well, I hope everyone's new year had started off great!! Have a great rest of the week. I'll try to be back next week with some more exciting news about the Patterson Family!! he he....

Friday, December 5, 2008

Hello everyone...........

Goodness, I can't even remember the last time I blogged. My sister-in-law Heather reminded me that I need to - it's been a while.
Well, Ronnie has his last chemo treatment the day before Thanksgiving. :) We had a surprise party for him the following Saturday (The Iron Bowl). It went great. He has no clue we had been planning this. I am so thankful for everyone that helped me pull it off and for everyone that came to celebrate. We had a great time. I hope everyone else did as well!!
Ronnie will have his PET scan on December 19th. He will then find out the results on December 24th...........Christmas Eve. What a wonderful gift it would be for them to tell us that he is cancer free!! Sure is hard to wait that long though!! Everyone keep your fingers crossed!!
This Sunday Zachary, Troy, Lacy, Dalton, Logan, and Carter will all be singing in the Christmas musical at our church (Chapel Hill Baptist). They will be singing with the adult choir and they will sing at both services - 9:00 and 10:15. If anyone wants to come we will be at the 10:15 service to watch(I work in the nursery at the 9:00 service). It should be really good.

Mercedes as announced yet more cut backs. They will now be shut down from December 15 - January 20th ( I think). Thy will get paid for 1 wk in December and 1 week in January. Also, they were supossed to be returning to working 5 days a week in January instead of the 32 hours a week they have been on for a month. Now they will only be working 30 hours a week - 4 days a week , 7-1/2 hours a day..........and when they are on nights the will go in everyday at 4:15 instead of 6:15. Also, as stated before, the will still be shut down for 4 weeks in June. They will get paid for Memorial day and then they will have to use 9 of their vacation days and then will not get paid for the other 2 weeks.. Geez!! Somethings gotta give here. It is very nerve racking to say the least. Hopefully there won't be anymore "meetings" at Mercedes for a while. Sure hope the economy picks up really soon.

Well, that's about all I have for right now. Hope everyone has a great weekend. ROLL TIDE!!!!
Oh. and I am using my last 1/2 day of vacation today and Jennifer and I are going to see Twilight!! I can't wait. Just finished the 2nd book of the 4 book series. Need to go get the 3rd book - ASAP!!